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Our blockchain-backed asset marketplace, HCX, makes it a breeze for investors to invest in private equity offerings. Our members have instant access to view all our offerings and they can obtain fractional ownership with the assistance of our experienced team and technology-driven platform. Currently, we're tokenizing Pre-IPO shares and real estate but we aim to expand to other assets soon.

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What is Tokenization?

Traditionally, ownership of assets is represented by owning shares of that asset. When an asset is tokenized, ownership of those shares is based on ownership of a blockchain token representing one share in the asset. These tokens can be easily traded enabling quick liquidity, fractional trading, and instant settlement. Whenever an asset is liquidated or transferred in the real world, the proceeds are distributed just as they would be with real shares, the only difference being that ownership of real shares is determined by ownership of the blockchain token.

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Real Estate, Pre-IPO Shares, and So Much More

Our platform is designed scale and tokenize almost all private assets. While we currently only offer tokenized real estate and pre-IPO shares, were expanding rapidly, offering the inumerable benefits of tokenization to new industries like hedge funds and more. Sign up to be the first to know about any of our new offerings.

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Curious about how tokenization can transform your PE projects? HCX can help your offering leverage our platform and international network of accredited investors to raise capital. A tokenized structure will ensure that your business stands out amongst the crowd and provides a more attractive proposition to shareholders.

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